MEB has made a new decision! The middle school and high school program has changed, 2 new courses have been added!

Radical changes continue to take place in the Ministry of National Education system. The system changes that began with the appointment of Minister Yusuf Tekin brought a wide range of innovations. Very important decisions have been made and implemented, from the reintroduction of failing grades in high schools to common exams. Now another decision has been made and 2 new courses are added to the secondary and secondary school curriculum.


The Ministry of National Education made a statement and provided information on these two new courses. So, “etiquette” classes were added to the high school curriculum and “etiquette and courtesy” classes were added to the high school curriculum. These courses will be electives and students will receive basic information on politeness and etiquette.


The Education and Discipline Council approved the program for the etiquette and courtesy course prepared by the General Directorate of Secondary Education of the Ministry of National Education and the etiquette and courtesy course prepared by the Directorate general basic education. Thus, these courses were included in the curriculum of secondary and secondary schools.


In the Etiquette and Courtesy course, which will be taught as an elective course for all levels in secondary schools, the importance of etiquette and courtesy will be explained to students and what will be the behavior in accordance with the etiquette in family, social life and at school. will be explained.

The etiquette and courtesy course in secondary schools will last 72 hours. 9 separate units will be processed during these 72 hours. The program for the first level of the course included four units: “etiquette and courtesy”, “etiquette and courtesy in the family”, “etiquette and courtesy in the school environment”, “etiquette and courtesy in society”. In the program of the second level of the course, there are five units: “etiquette and courtesy”, “etiquette and courtesy in interpersonal relationships”, “etiquette and courtesy in the environment”, “etiquette and courtesy in digital environments” , “etiquette and courtesy in different cultures”.

The 36-hour etiquette course was included among the elective courses for the 9th and 10th grades of high school. In this course, the rules of etiquette and courtesy will be covered from a broad perspective. In these courses, which will be more oriented towards practice, the emphasis will be placed on exemplary behavior. In addition to giving theoretical information, activities such as drama, observation and discussion will also be carried out in this course.

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