Mental Health: Work Happier and More Effectively with Less Social Media

Just half an hour a day has an effect: anyone Use of social media reduced from this periodEast happier and more engaged in work.

This shows a Investigation into a mental health research and treatment center the Ruhr University in Bochum and the German Center for Mental Health, which the university reported Friday. An article had already been published in the specialist journal “Behaviour & Information Technology”.

In the short term, we could The escape on social networks boost morale, said Julia Brailovskaia of the university center. In the long term, however, addictive behaviors can develop with opposite effects.

We suspect that people tend to experience positive emotions on social media, which they lack in their daily professional lives.

Julia Brailovskaya from the university center

“We suspect that people tend to use social networks to obtain positive emotions that you lack in your daily work, especially when they feel overworked.

In the Experience of a research team According to the information, 166 people who used social networks for non-work purposes for at least 35 minutes a day were divided into two groups. One group did not change their usage behavior, the other reduced it by 30 minutes per day for a week.

Improve job satisfaction

The questionnaires completed at the beginning and end indicated a Improve job satisfaction and feeling of stress among those who were less present on the platforms.

These test subjects would have less revised felt and are more engaged at work summer, explained Brailovskaia. The fear of missing something on the networks has also diminished. These effects persisted after the end of the experiment and even increased over time, it was specified.

Presumably, the test subjects would have gained more time for their professional tasks and would have had to divide their attention less. “With constant distraction Our brain cannot handle a task well,” explains the psychologist.

If you interrupt yourself frequently, it becomes more difficult to concentrate on your work. Additionally, time spent on social media can prevent people from connecting with colleagues in “real life,” which could lead to alienation.

According to the university, previous studies had shown that a 20 to 30 minute reduction in time spent on social media depressive symptoms reduce could be able. (KNA)

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