mRNA vaccines: what are the bad proteins for?

This is a discovery that seems a bit strange. In a Wednesday in the professional newspaper Nature In a published study, British scientists describe that when the human body is vaccinated with mRNA vaccines, it does not only produce the Spike protein of the coronavirus, as it is supposed to do (Mulroney et al., 2023). But also the defective ones Proteins – to which the immune system then reacts.

What is it about?

First of all, there is nothing to worry about since any of the billions of people who use Moderna or Biotech I have been vaccinated, I should be worried. The research group led by biochemist Anne E. Willis and immunologist James ED Thaventhiran from the University of Cambridge writes: The negative consequences of this effect for humans are not yet known. The effect observed by researchers actually occurs naturally in cells or can be triggered by viruses.

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