New features for Instagram to protect content creators

Instagram, one of the most popular social networks, has announced its new features that will make it much easier for content creators to manage bot followers and spam posts.

One of the factors behind the success of social media platforms is the stars he created are content producers. This is why the platforms bring various improvements not only for users but also for content creators. The last of these improvements from Instagram came.

Spam messages and follow requests will be deleted in bulk

Thanks to Instagram’s new tools, content producers can potential spam activities opposite They will be able to take proactive measures. With the more advanced automatic spam detection tool, comments, tags, story views and fake followers will be detected with a higher success rate. It will also be possible to deal with fake users and spam messages in bulk using this tool.

Thanks to new tools spam comments, tags, views and fake subscribers can be deleted in bulk. This way, content producers will have more time to produce content while reducing the time spent on moderation. Suspicious spam activities and bot accounts will be automatically filtered. Requests to follow accounts that are definitely not bots can also be approved here. All remaining comments and bot followers can be deleted with just one click. This feature can also be used for comments, tags, and replies to stories.


Instagram, which wanted to prevent fraudsters, denounced womanizers with its “Review” function, social networks were devastated

Content creators also updated transparency rules It will notify content producers of potentially inappropriate and not recommended content within the app. In this way, problems related to content compliance with platform rules can be avoided.

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