Poiray jeweler always makes hearts beat

Interlaced Heart bracelets in gold and colored enamel (€650) and the Ma Première watch in steel and interchangeable bracelet (from €2,090). Poiray

As the brand celebrates the 30th anniversary of its Interlaced Heart pendant, the women devoted to this house, founded in 1975, and its creations are as discreet as they are numerous. All generations came together.

Our customers are our best ambassadors“, Poiray insists. We’ve heard this sentence so many times that we haven’t paid much attention. But it still came to our mind while interviewing a few women, young and old, around us; It was more convincing than any advertising campaign! “I knew Poiray through my friends and my mother. », For example, Parisian Filipino proudly points to the Ma Première watch on his wrist that he recently received for his 18th birthday. “NecklaceHeart, we all carried it in our family. Thirty years ago my sister, my mother and I, today my daughter and her cousin.”It follows young fifty-year-old Diane, who is still very attached to her necklace, even though it now resides in her jewelry box.

Interlocking Heart pendant and earrings, yellow gold, from €720. Poiray

Forty-year-old Agathe, a jeweler, remembers buying the famous Ma Première watch with interchangeable bracelets with her first salary twenty years ago. “I had it…

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