Pregnant Texan forced to leave state for abortion

NOTAfter a court in the US state of Texas banned abortion, a 31-year-old woman must now terminate her life-threatening pregnancy in another state. Due to her continued deteriorating health and constant threats from the attorney general, Kate Cox was forced to “seek medical care outside of Texas,” her lawyers said Monday.

In the sensational case, the Texas Supreme Court on Friday stayed a ruling that had allowed Cox, 31, to have an abortion, effectively banned, because of risks to her health. Texas’ arch-conservative Attorney General Ken Paxton went to court to stop abortion.

Cox, who is 20 weeks pregnant, learned last week that her fetus had Down syndrome, a chromosomal disorder. “All of her doctors told her that her baby would be born stillborn or live only a few minutes, hours or days,” Cox’s lawyer, Molly Duane, of the nongovernmental organization Center for Reproductive Rights, told the court. The pregnancy also poses major risks to Cox’s health and to the mother of two’s chances of having more children.

Doctors fear high penalties

After the nation’s fundamental right to abortion, in effect since 1973, was struck down by the United States Supreme Court in June 2022, Texas – like many other conservative states – passed a very strict abortion law. abortion. It prohibits abortions even in cases of incest and rape and only allows them if the woman’s life and health are in danger.

However, doctors complain about the lack of clarity in the guidelines. They fear heavy penalties if they perform an abortion not covered by the law.

Abortion rights are one of the most controversial sociopolitical issues in the United States. The Supreme Court’s ruling in June 2022 triggered a political earthquake.

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