Putin assures that Ukraine “achieved nothing” with its counter-offensive and that Russian troops are “improving their positions”

Vladimir Putin offered his first press conference since the start of the war and launched against Ukraine, acknowledging that the “enemy” has achieved “nothing anywhere” after announcing his “great counter-offensive “.

The Russian president justified that “almost along the entire line of contact, Russian forces, to put it modestly, are improving their positions.” “What is happening (in Ukraine) is a huge tragedy, similar to a civil war,” he added.

This tragedy, according to the Russian leader, is due in particular to the Western desire to move closer to Russian borders. “The uncontrollable desire to move closer to our borders, locking Ukraine into NATO, led to this tragedy,” he insisted.

Ukrainian soldiers who managed to cross the river are now surrounded, he said, calling the Ukrainian authorities’ decision to send them there “irresponsible.”

“I’ll be honest, it is in our interest that they send their military there. Unfortunately, the logic of armed struggles is such,” he said.

Relations with the West

Putin also said he would repair relations with the United States and the European Union (EU) when they learn to respect other countries and when they choose to seek compromise rather than sanctions.

“When they begin to respect other peoples, other countries, when they seek compromises instead of trying to resolve their problems through sanctions or warlike actions, then the fundamental foundations will be laid for the restoration of relations,” he said. -he justified.

Putin believed that the restoration of relations between Russia and the West “does not depend on us, it is not us who spoiled relations.”

The Russian president explained that for decades, Russia had tried to “establish normal relations with Ukraine”, but that it was precisely the West that pushed kyiv into the “coup d’état” of 2014.

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