Renowned food expert warns against ‘frigorite’ with four products

The doctor in Food Science and Technology and agricultural engineer Miguel Ángel Lurueña warned against the “frigorite” of four products highlighting the mistakes that are usually made when refrigerating or preserving food in an interview with The voice of Galicia.

The expert, who recently published a new book –From grocery stores to hypermarkets (Destino, 2023) – pointed out that he emphasized in the interview that “we often fall into ‘frigorite’.” “Before, houses were bigger or had a room that served as a pantry to store food. Now houses are smaller and also, refrigerators are better and bigger, so we tend to put everything in the refrigerator and there is food that they should “I won’t be there,” he stressed.

And he pointed out four foods: “sandwich bread, potatoes, coffee and tropical fruits”. “All these foods, with the low temperatures and humidity of the refrigerator, are less well preserved,” he said. But he then explained that “there will be no development of pathogens anyway.”

“The problem is that its organoleptic characteristics deteriorate. It is worse if we leave aside a food that should be put in the refrigerator, such as bagged salads. It is always necessary to consult the label where are recommended storage conditions,” he said. underlines.

As for other common mistakes made in food preservation, he said “you eat foods that have mold in them.” “Often we blow on it and think that’s it, but there are molds that produce toxic compounds called mycotoxins, which can cause illness,” he said.

“The ideal would be to avoid them, but there are specific cases in which we can make exceptions. If mold appears in part of a cheese, we can cut that part leaving a generous margin and eat the remains. But if we talk about red fruits, like strawberries or tomatoes, if they have mold, it is advisable not to consume them,” he said.

Another mistake he mentions regarding food safety is “trying to decide whether a food is safe for our senses.” “If we have slices of ham in the refrigerator that have been there for a long time and we don’t know if we can eat them or not, often we look at whether they look good, if they smell like them or even if they look good. test if they taste good,” he stressed.

But this, he says, “is a mistake, because there are many pathogenic bacteria that do not alter the appearance, smell or taste of food, such as listeria.” “If food looks bad, smells bad, or tastes bad, it’s probably bad. But just because it looks, smells, or tastes good doesn’t mean it’s good. You should respect the dates indicated on the packaging or, if it is homemade food, do not keep it in the refrigerator for more than three days, ”he said.

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