Retired, working, tradesmen; Who are the 34,900 mayors of France?

We look at what the data says about these elected officials in each commune

The men and women who make up France’s 34,900 mayors come from a wide range of professional backgrounds and ages. We look at what they do and what the data says about them.

Who are the mayors of France?

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What do mayors do in France?

The modern role of the mayor has existed since the French revolution. As the elected representative closest to their voters, mayors play a very important role, especially in small communes.

However, mayors are not directly elected by the people in their commune, but are instead voted in by their fellow aldermen.

Council members, including one who becomes mayor, are elected to six-year terms. The last municipal elections were in 2020.

When the mayor is elected by the council, he has broad authority.

Their main duty is to implement the decisions of the city council. In this capacity, mayors are charged with:

  • Management of municipal resources (including event rooms, buildings and heritage sites)
  • Supervision of contracts (including construction projects)
  • Preparing the budget (including schools and managing debts)
  • Managing legal proceedings
  • Liaising with other authorities (communes, departments and regions)

Mayors also have certain policing powers, particularly regarding public order.

As representatives of the State, they carry out the daily functions of the Republic within their communes, organize local elections, perform marriages, and promulgate laws and statutes.

The municipal council cannot dismiss the mayor after he takes office. But it could take away some of his responsibilities and put serious pressure on the mayor to resign.

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