Ryanair denounces the biggest theft in the history of aviation

You have probably often heard about customers who have problems with airlines, because they have lost their suitcases, because they charge them for “extras” which should actually be included in the ticket itself. However, the following story refers to a kind of “theft” that the budget airline itself, Ryanair, even calls “hacking”.

It is a case that the firm of the famous businessman O’Leary published in detail and which was taken up by the specialized media Preferente, one more episode in Ryanair’s crusade against certain digital travel agencies.

Concretely, the airline charged a supplement on a ticket worth 18 euros, sold by the travel agency Trip.com for 6,699 euros. This equates to an increase of 37,100%. Precisely, for a trip to the main British airport to which this company serves, namely the flight between Dublin and Stansted.

The company denounces the excessive cost overruns

In this sense, Ryanair highlighted that “this is an example of how innocent consumers are deceived by the illegal practices of pirate OTAs”, in the words of Dara Brady. “This surcharge for a flight between Dublin and London is completely inexplicable. We are fed up with governments and consumer and user protection agencies not taking action against these dishonest practices,” he lamented.

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