Shortage of medicines that 5 million Spaniards need

This year 2023 was marked by the shortage of medicines in pharmacies. For several months, it has been impossible to purchase 1 medicine in 33, or 1,000 presentations of medicines presenting availability problems, according to the digital pharmacy network LUDA Partners.

As reported DebateThis problem arises from several factors, such as manufacturing interruptions, price drops, sudden changes in demand… And this makes access to certain medicines difficult.

But one of the big problems with the shortage, according to the media cited above, is that pharmacies are not allowed to replace prescription drugs that are not available with other equivalents. This situation therefore causes serious harm to patients, who must make an appointment with their family doctor to be prescribed the other medication.

There is also another drawback: not all drugs have substitutes on the market. And that means many people have to pick up their medications from every nearby pharmacy.

The most affected drugs

The drugs that are most in short supply are those prescribed to diabetics. Among them are Ozempic, Victoza and Trulicity, used by 5 million people in our country, the demand for which has increased sharply because it was discovered that they also serve to lose weight.

Although they are not the only drugs affected, since there is also a shortage of Amoxicillin and derivatives like Penilevel or Azithromycin (antibiotics), Amchafibrin (blood pressure and cardiovascular disorders), Hydrea (against cancer), and Leponex and Sinogan (antipsychotics). .

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