Single column: Would I have preferred to avoid these meetings?

WIt’s just before the start of the year: it’s cold, it’s dark early, and it’s especially appropriate for a real review or even a summary. What happened this year, not only globally politically but also privately? Which decisions were wise, which were beyond stupid, who did I get involved with, what experiences could I have done without? Who can stay in his life, who urgently needs to get out? There were humiliations, surprises, anger, sadness, love and despair. What a good time to reminisce and take a little break.

Degrees are attractive because they simultaneously promise a fresh start, suggest some order and structure – and, last but not least, control (over your own life or your own narrative). They give the feeling that something different is possible. After all, there’s a reason millions of people cling to New Year’s resolutions and hopeful desires for change – only to often find themselves met with open arms of disappointment.

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