Six Christmas gift ideas for French learners

There are thousands of resources for people learning French, but which ones actually work?

From books to games, there are so many great gift ideas that can be both useful and fun for those trying to learn the French language.

Often when it comes to learning a language, people shy away from buying themselves little extras that could really help improve their level, making Christmas the perfect opportunity to gift a useful language tool.

50 French Coffee Breaks

Coffee Break Languages ​​is a Scottish-based language company that offers great resources for students in a variety of languages.

In addition to free resources such as podcasts, you can also pay to subscribe to courses at different levels.

One particular resource that makes an excellent stocking stuffer is the book 50 French Coffee Breaks.

Costing around €15 online, this program consists of 5, 10 and 15-minute French exercises designed to help you get into the habit of getting some practice in every day.

From anagrams to idioms, recipes to quotes, the activities are designed to be fun and engaging and are aimed at beginner to intermediate levels.

If you know people learning other languages, the books are also available in Spanish, Italian, and German, and you can pre-order the Swedish and English versions, too.

French Grammar and Usage by Roger Hawkins and Richard Towell

For those hoping to master French grammar, French Grammar and Usage by Roger Hawkins and Richard Towell is the ideal gift.

The book, which you can find second-hand for around 15 euros (although new copies can cost up to 35 euros), is divided into chapters, each giving a comprehensive explanation and breakdown of complex grammatical issues.

Its twin book, Practicing French Grammar, provides exercises for each chapter so you can put your new learning into practice.

This text is often used in French university courses in the UK and is very useful for anyone serious about mastering the grammatical side of the language.

Subscription to a French magazine

This is an especially good gift for someone living outside France and trying to improve their French skills.

In France, there are magazines on almost every subject, due to the country’s enduring love of reading and literature.

This means that finding a magazine that meets a person’s interests and also helps them improve their language skills with new material to read each month should be fairly simple.

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courses french alliance

While a French course for a student is a very generous gift, you can often find one-off cultural courses and lessons. french alliance gold French Institute in your local area at a more affordable price.

These can range from cooking lessons on how to make a classic French dish to talks about different cultural points of interest or books.

There is wedding rings So you can search for the one closest to you and check out their upcoming events.

Translations of their favorite books

A great way to improve your language level is to read books in French that you are already familiar with, as this will give you a basic understanding with which you can define new words and phrases.

Many popular Anglophone books have been translated into French; so if you know the person has a particular favorite, buying them the translation will allow them to enjoy the text again while improving their French.

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french games

These make a great Christmas gift because you can start using them instantly with family members on Christmas Day.

Whether you prefer a simple deck of cards – symbols have different names in French – like a classic Black cat or the French version of Cards Against Humanity offers a fun way to keep learning current and active.

You can give a gift for a little French culture. petanque The set, which you can find online or in sports stores such as Decathlon, is a great game when the warmer months arrive.

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