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Published on December 14, 2023 at 14:29.

Sleeping with make-up: The trend that will revolutionize in 2024

Sleeping with your make-up on: The trend that will revolutionize 2024 – © imaxtree

Sleeping with make-up: The trend that will revolutionize in 2024

As the year comes to an end, beauty experts are already starting their predictions. Among them, British trend firm WGSN predicted the rise of “Hangover Beauty” in 2024. A new approach to beauty encouraged by the younger generation.

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Overwhelmed by the stress of daily life, beauty product consumers now want to focus on simple, fun and hassle-free routines. Indeed, WGSN has noted Gen Z’s disinterest in overly complex routines. “Young people now want to prioritize joy and pleasure and are opposed to rigid rules that do not take into account that real life can sometimes be complicated,” the firm explains.

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“Hangover Beauty”: simple and healthy products

Since the Covid-19 crisis, the skin care market has experienced rapid growth, driven by the obligation to wear masks. The result: Brands all redoubled their efforts to innovate. Problem ? It is sometimes difficult to find the real rare pearl among the jungle of offers. Another negative point identified by WGSN was the prolongation of routines and compounds that have the potential to damage the skin.

In 2024, the beauty world wants a simpler approach to the industry. So the answer is the “Hangover Beauty” trend. In the program: low-maintenance products enriched with vitamins, moisturizers and detoxification agents. Neither more nor less. On the makeup side, brands want to imagine cosmetics formulated so that we can sleep with makeup on without feeling guilty. Story to follow…

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