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There are many laws that affect every moment of our lives, but some of them are full of secret and overlooked regulations that many people may not be aware of. By learning these little-known legal intricacies, you can gain an advantage in our daily lives and protect yourself.

When you become aware of certain decisions of higher courts which are not known to everyone but which will be useful to us, you can knock on the doors of the courts and keep your cell phones. You can call your lawyer.

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“Exchange, no refund” written on the Instagram store pages. Such statements are illegal. In accordance with Article 48/4 of the TKHK, the consumer may return the product purchased online within 14 days without giving a reason.

There is an exchange, no return.


What does the law say about Instagram stores using terms like “exchange, no refund”?

The bank is responsible for the loss of the person whose money is withdrawn from the bank through Internet fraud.

Internet fraud

  • Supreme Court of Appeal 11th Civil Chamber
  • Master: 2017/4888
  • Decision: 20219/2015

If the product purchased online with a credit card is not delivered to the customer; The bank must make a refund to the customer’s card.

Online shopping

  • 19th Civil Chamber of the Supreme Court of Appeal
  • Base: 2016/1953
  • Decision: 2017/2895

The message sent as “Hahaha, idiot” constitutes the offense of insult, because it will harm the honor, dignity and respect of the recipient.

crime of insult

  • Supreme Court of Appeal 4th Criminal Chamber
  • Base: 2020/20273
  • Decision: 2020/13343

Of course, for this to be considered an offense of insult, the content of the message must be not sincere must be. The front and back of the message are examined. So, you can’t have your friend punished just because he called you an “idiot.”

A person whose vehicle is damaged following a traffic accident can claim vehicle loss costs even if they have not rented a replacement vehicle or have not presented a document proving that they have rented a vehicle.

vehicle deprivation costs

  • Supreme Court of Appeal 4th Civil Chamber
  • Base: 2021/26777
  • Decision: 2022/11236

If the vehicle purchased turns out to be stolen, the notary who does not take the necessary care to examine the false documents presented to him is also responsible for compensation for the damage.

vehicle stolen by notary

  • General Assembly of the Supreme Court of Appeal
  • Base: 2007/1527
  • Decision: 2007/14638

“A U-turn cannot be made.” The provisions of conscious negligence apply to the defendant who turns around despite the sign and causes the accident.

U-turn cannot be performed

  • Supreme Court of Appeal 12th Criminal Chamber
  • Base: 2019/6650
  • Decision: 2020/4485

Any driver who closely follows a vehicle in traffic, blocks it or harasses it by flashing it is punishable by up to 1 year in prison.

  • Supreme Court of Appeal 12th Criminal Chamber
  • Master’s degree: 2011/5602
  • Decision: 2011/3661

The spouse who prevents the woman from exercising her right to education is entirely at fault in the case of divorce.

women's right to education

  • 18th Civil Chamber of the Supreme Court of Appeal
  • Base: 2020/4728
  • Decision: 2020/5981

If a married person states on the Internet that they are single, this constitutes grounds for divorce.

Fake profile

  • Supreme Court of Appeal 2nd Civil Chamber
  • Master: 2013/26881
  • Decision: 2014/10367

Deposit amounts paid after the wedding date for the home purchased with a premarital mortgage are considered acquired property. In the event of divorce, property is subject to division.

property sharing

  • 8th Civil Chamber of the Supreme Court of Appeal
  • Base: 2017/8450
  • Decision: 2019/1633

The spouse who undermines the moral independence of the house by giving the keys to the common residence to his family is seriously at fault in the event of divorce.

divorce suit

  • Supreme Court of Appeal 2nd Civil Chamber
  • Base: 2020/2101
  • Decision: 2020/3085

An accident caused by a worker falling down the stairs at work is a work accident. The fact that the worker wears high heels does not change the fact that there is a workplace accident.

    work accident

  • General Assembly of the Supreme Court of Appeal
  • Base: 2016/1912
  • Decision: 2019/1235

If you work even 10 minutes during the weekly vacation, the employer must pay you 1.5 days’ salary.

overtime pay

  • Supreme Court of Appeal 9th ​​Civil Chamber
  • Base: 2016/6143
  • Decision: 2019/18054

Fingerprints cannot be taken for shift screening unless agreed by the worker.

fingerprint in the workplace

  • Council of State 5th chamber
  • Base: 2013/5342
  • Decision: 2013/9525

The provisions of the pages of the employment contract which are not signed by the employee do not bind the employee.

Commercial arrangement

  • 22nd Civil Chamber of the Supreme Court of Appeal
  • Master: 2015/6404
  • Decision: 2016/3813

The administration is responsible for any malfunction occurring in the citizen’s vehicle due to the sewer cover remaining open.

  • 17th Civil Chamber of the Supreme Court of Appeal
  • Master: 2018/4210
  • Decision: 2020/4644

The upstairs neighbor, whose balcony and bathroom leak to his downstairs neighbor but does not have it repaired, must pay compensation to his downstairs neighbor and have the leak areas repaired.

neighbor's water leak

  • Supreme Court of Appeal 2nd Civil Chamber
  • Base: 2019/1851
  • Decision: 2020/581

Subscribing to electricity and water services by signing in the name of the owner constitutes the offense of counterfeiting private documents.

forged documents

  • Supreme Court of Appeal 11th Civil Chamber
  • Base: 2016/11975
  • Decision: 2018/4841

The landlord cannot cut off the water to the tenant because of the rent to be received. Terminating it requires payment of moral damages.

water shortage

  • Supreme Court of Appeal 4th Civil Chamber
  • Base: 2014/5018
  • Decision: 2015/1060

The claim that the tenant gave the eviction undertaking in blank (blank signature) and that it was completed subsequently will not be heard; by signing the deed, he is deemed to have accepted in advance the manner in which the empty part will be filled.

sign a commitment

  • Supreme Court of Appeal 6th Civil Chamber
  • Master: 2009/12238
  • Decision: 2010/2452

In cases where the doctor fails in his responsibility for diagnosis and follow-up when the baby is born with Down syndrome, an obligation for compensation arises.

birth with Down syndrome

  • Supreme Court of Appeal 3rd Civil Chamber
  • Base: 2020/7340
  • Decision: 2020/6970

If a burn occurs following the laser operation, non-monetary compensation is granted to the victim.

Burn by laser operation

  • Supreme Court of Appeal 3rd Civil Chamber
  • Base: 2014/19681
  • Decision: 2015/15751

Even if it’s the law last wordLet us also note what the Supreme Court and other higher courts have said.

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