Students at Sciences Po are happy about Mathias Vicherat’s departure

The student unions at Sciences Po Paris got what they wanted. On Monday morning, December 11, Mathias Vicherat, director of the Institute for Political Studies, announced the temporary withdrawal. This was enough to please the left-wing student unions, who demanded his withdrawal from the institution’s management and even his resignation.

Last week, Mathias Vicherat was taken into police custody due to mutual domestic violence with his partner Anissa Bonnefont. If the Paris prosecutor’s office confirms that no complaint has been made, an investigation will be launched. It was the IEP administrator himself who informed the students of this withdrawal. “It is not easy to express in a few words the facts about a difficult situation that within a few days has become a matter of quite legitimate feeling among different Sciences Po communities. but the management function puts forth more than the others and, above all, imposes the duty of being more exemplary than the others.», he introduces in an email to students, teachers and staff.

Before adding: “I have proposed to Laurence Bertrand Dorléac, President of the National Foundation for Political Science (FNSP), to temporarily step down from my position, according to the modalities, timeline and duration that he will determine and present in the report. Different forums this week.» Mathias Vicherat also recalls this in his letter: “I would like to emphasize that no complaint was made after our detention, and no judicial control or expulsion measures were taken.»

An announcement “insufficient»

The Nova organization describes itself as “happy with this decision“.“We think this is the best solution when explaining the facts. We are very committed to the presumption of innocence, so we did not ask for the director’s resignation. But we are careful about the alleged facts. The campus needs to be at peace again, and it’s a matter of preserving the school’s image» indicates that: Figaro Yanis Tabyaoui, selected Nova student. For the Student Union union, this announcement is “some good late news“he stays”insufficient“.“The time of justice and the time of politics are very different. We are still calling for the resignation of Mathias Vicherat. The charges against him are serious and inconsistent with his position“, declares Student Union representative Inês Fontanelle.

On the right-wing union UNI, reactions are more mixed. “There are also those who think this is a good solution. Others don’t because they think justice is only popular. We wonder about Sciences Po’s instability. Will Mathias Vicherat’s final departure be announced? We don’t even know who the director of Sciences Po is right now…», shares UNI president Quentin Coton at Sciences Po.

This Tuesday morning, the institute council met with the participation of student unions to determine the conditions for this withdrawal, which could last until the end of January. “The council of the Paris Institute for Political Studies approved the proposal of the director of the Paris Institute for Political Studies to step back; This decision consisted of entrusting all his skills to his collaborators until 29.01.2024», was written in an internal document of which AFP obtained a copy. Then on Wednesday morning, the FNSP’s board of directors will meet before the social and economic council decides on Thursday.

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