Swinging in the bathtub: these are the 13 best products for the home spa

Bathe like a queen: Drummonds bathtub
Image: Drummond

Float in the warm bubble bath and forget about the weather: nowhere can bad weather and short days be ignored as beautifully as in the bathtub. And with our top 13, your favorite place even becomes a real home spa.

The Subway

KOf course, you don’t just buy a bathtub like you would a new washcloth. Nonetheless, you can still dream about it until a new one comes along at some point. Freestanding bathtubs are the four-poster beds of bathrooms and offer a solution for every style: marble trough, clawfoot sink, copper pot or elegant avocado shape. British classics in copper, cast iron and brass – made by makers whose techniques often date back to Victorian times – provide fodder for winter fairy tales. The manufacturer Drummonds Bathrooms, for example, offers exhibition pieces as beautiful as sculptures that can be installed there.

The dress

Everyone dreams of having a spa at home. Of course, including comfortable terry cloth bathrobes. You just don’t want to look like an elephant or a sloppy outfit. The bathrobe from the Swedish brand OAS can help you. With his red and cream curls, he brings Brazilian beach chic into German bathrooms. The “Big Lauda Long Robe” (also available as a pair) consists of long jacquard terry cloth with a shawl collar and also goes well with after-bath drinks in the living room. With chic earrings and sparkling indoor sandals, this becomes a real look. If you miss the hood: simply wrap a turban with a towel.

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