SWM is in Turkey: here are the prices of the G01 and G01F in Turkey

The Italian automobile brand SWM entered Turkey through the ATMO Group. The brand, which only presented two SUVs to drivers, will offer more models in the future.

Chery representative in Türkiye ATMO Group, accomplished another important work. The company is an Italian automobile manufacturer.GDSShe brought the cars from to Türkiye. The brand, which only offers two models for sale, seems to be able to attract the attention of consumers.

SWM, in operation since the 1970s, has produced automobiles in many segments so far. SWM Engine Türkiye When we look at the website opened for the company, we see that SUVs and commercial vehicles will arrive in Turkey initially. So, what models have been introduced in Türkiye? What are their prices?

Overview of SWM G01

The SWM G01, currently offered for sale in Turkey, is an SUV with impressive features. SWM G01, which has a very resistant appearance, LED headlightsIt looks like it will attract attention with its panoramic glass roof and aerodynamic details. with 18 inch rims sports tailpipes This is also part of the vehicle’s design details.

SWM G01 Design

The interior design of the SWM G01 is not bad at all. The cabin looks quite modern, fully digital It houses the display screen and the infotainment touchscreen. Car with buttons instead of gear knob, wireless charging, 360 degree camera and video recording system Equipped with technologies such as

SWM G01 Price

When we look under the hood of the SWM G01 1.5 liters We encounter a gasoline engine. Developing 150 horsepower and 212 Nm of torque, this engine meets Euro 6E standards. The car is paired with a 6-speed gearbox. Front-wheel Drive He has the system. It should also be noted that the SWM G01 is equipped with safety features such as traction control, brake assist and hill start assist.

SWM G01 Price:

SWM G01 Türkiye

Engine-Fuel Hardware-Gearbox Price
1.5L 150 HP, Gasoline Comfort MT, manual 922,000 TL
1.5L 150 HP, Gasoline Elite, Automatic 1,199,500 TL

And SWM G01F!


SWM G01F, SWM G01 amended has been It may be launched as a version of The car, visually more impressive than the standard model, is largely the same as the G01 in terms of technical details.

SWM G01F Price:

SWM G01F Price

Engine-Fuel Hardware-Gearbox Price
1.5L 150 HP, Gasoline Premium, Automatic 1,270,000 TL

We will see more clearly in the coming periods whether these vehicles will attract attention in Turkey. However competitive pricesIt looks like these vehicles will sell big. Thus, Chery, which entered Turkey a few months ago, achieved very good sales figures.

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