The Treasury also wants to control what you sell on Vinted or Wallapop with the new special declaration for 2024

Hacienda también quiere controlar lo que vendes en Vinted o Wallapop con la nueva declaración especial para 2024

During the last years The Internet has become a real commercial showcasewhere with just one click anyone can buy and sell items without any problem. A lot platforms like Wallapop and Vintedamong the best known, open the door to anyone who can get started in buying and selling without having to have a physical business, … Read more

This Treasury error can cause you to be reimbursed up to 4,000 euros: return conditions

Nueva alegría de Hacienda: te devuelve 4.000 euros si estás en esta lista

A Supreme Court ruling recognized that the Treasury made a mistake decades ago in collecting personal income tax, so a small group of workers will be able to benefit in the coming months from a significant refund from the Tax Agency. Those who worked in sectors such as metallurgy, construction or commerce between 1967 and … Read more

Gonzalo Bernardos predicts mortgages will drop sooner than you think

Gonzalo Bernardos

This month of December euribor It closed lower after falling 0.138 percentage points to 4.022%. It is the biggest drop recorded in eleven yearssince August 2012. In this context, the economist Gonzalo Bernardos revisited space “Better late” from La Sexta to talk about it the near future of variable mortgagesand his answer surprised everyone. What … Read more

Changes to the minimum wage: The increase that the government is planning… and which pleases no one

La vicepresidenta segunda y ministra de Trabajo y Economía Social, Yolanda Díaz.

The second vice-president, Yolanda Diazwas optimistic about the conclusion of a tripartite agreement, a reaction which contrasts with the discontent expressed by his interlocutors and the rejection of Ministry of Finance for additional support measures to facilitate the agreement. The parties do not consider the negotiations closed, at the moment there is no date for … Read more

Good news for those who have a mortgage: Euribor is a joy in December

Un hombre pensando en dinero

All those people with variable mortgages, controlled by Euribor, have not had good times in recent months. This group of people has been the main victim of the unstoppable rise in interest rates of the European Central Bank (ECB) and they are experiencing increasing monthly increases in their mortgage payments. However, It seems that the … Read more

Businessmen advocate “collaboration between regions” to revive the Spanish economy

Vicente Boluda, en el despacho de la sede de Boluda Corporación Marítima.

There ‘The II Community of Madrid-Comunitat Valenciana Business Summit should be used to increase collaboration between the autonomy and stimulate the economy of all of Spain. This is how some of the great businessmen and leaders of institutions who are participating today in an event organized in the Spanish capital and whose organizers, the president … Read more

Yao Jing: “Peace between Israel and Palestine must be based on the formalization of two states”

Yao Jing: “Peace between Israel and Palestine must be based on the formalization of two states”

He the Ambassador of the People’s Republic of China to Spain, Yao Jing, considers the situation in Gaza worrying and emphasizes that the formalization of two states is the only way to achieve peace in the Middle East. The diplomat, who first took office in October, visited Gran Canaria, where he participated in an event … Read more