Thaw reveals camera with 24 photos from 1973 tragedy

Some mountaineers have found Aconcagua, the highest mountain in all of South America, a chamber lost in 1973 and discovered in February 2020 following the thaw.

As published The New York Timesthe device, of the American Janet Johnson, who died while climbing the mountain located in Argentina 50 years ago.

The 35-millimeter Nikomat camera contained 24 photos and it was not until February 2020 that details of the tragic expedition became known.

The device was found in a leather case well preserved in ice and containing a photograph taken hours before the climber’s death.

Specifically, a group of eight Americans traveled. But the higher they went, the more they divided.

After continuing the climb with two other companions, Johnson fell ill and despite his attempts to return to camp, he ended up dying, although, as reported by the aforementioned media, no one knows if his death was due to the conditions weather or if it is a violent death.

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