The 8 companies accused of a million-dollar pyramid scheme involving 5,000 Spaniards

About 5,000 people in our country, according to The Basque Review, have been affected in recent months by a large pyramid scam. A group of companies promised investments with profits of 125% in five years. But it all turned out to be a lie.

However, they are not the only ones concerned. These companies also operated in Europe, where they caused an additional 25,000 victims.

The group was made up of eight companies: Herrero Brigantina SA, Herrero Brigantina Servicios Financieros, Naibc, Astudeme, Corretaxe, Herrero Brigantina Servicios Crediticios, Broker Aseguradora de Ultramar and North Atlantic Broker Insurance Company. And they are accused of having defrauded up to 300,000 euros per customer.

According to Europe Pressin the report requested by the National Court, the Prosecutor’s Office explained that the Herrero Brigantina companies were not authorized to carry out their activities as insurers or insurance distribution companies, a fact “noted by the General Directorate of Insurance and Pension Funds of the Ministry of the Economy.

After several investigations, adds the complaint, “we discovered more than 35,000 affected customers who lost their money in Europe, including SMEs, self-employed people and families, with their investment solutions, their retirement plans, their insurance, their mortgages and their loans. “.

They offered investment products promising high returns. But none of that happened. And the people affected did not get their money back.

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