The day Yves Saint Laurent spoke to Le Figaro: “I was born with a nervous breakdown…”

On July 11, 1991, the designer opened up about this topic without hesitation. Figaro about their successes and especially their fears. Le Figaro

FIGARO ARCHIVES – While Saint Laurent was opening the world’s largest boutique on the Champs-Élysées, Le Figaro found an interview with the designer in 1991, who talked about this front in his dream and revenge for the school harassment he suffered.

An exclusive interview with the great fashion designer» announced Le Figaro July 11, 1991. Yves Saint Laurent will celebrate his one hundred and twentieth collection and he has never been this scared. He says everything for the first time. About herself and haute couture.

Yves Saint Laurent: “I was born with a nervous breakdown…”

He lost fifteen pounds and regained his youthful appearance behind his tortoiseshell glasses. With his slightly sunken face, gray suit and white suede shoes, he has almost rediscovered that adolescent silhouette that he applauded on Boulevard Montaigne when he presented his first collection at Dior in Paris and which the international press nicknamed him “”. Little Prince. » Today, Yves Saint Laurent, together with Pierre Bergé, heads a huge publicly traded business, and his label is worn by women, men and children around the world. For Le Figaro, He tells. And he tells his story.

LE FIGARO – You grew up in Oran, Algeria, and seemed to have a career right away. How did Yves Saint Laurent become Yves Saint?

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