The dollar is rising and prices are soaring: the first painful effects of the economic shock in Argentina

“Welcome to the hunger games“, said TV presenter Jorge Rial, but he was not talking about this extreme survival film. The story came back after it became known andI economic shock plan of the far-right Argentine government which includes a devaluation of the pesothe national currency, by 118%, a strong restriction of public spendingthere removal of subsidies and the opening of imports. In a highly polarized country, opinions on President Javier Milei’s maximum austerity program have drawn applause from bankers and businessmen, doubts from specialists and rejection from a diverse and perplexed opposition. According to Juan Grabois, of the Excluded Workers Movement, the Minister of Economy, Luis Caputo, announced “a social murder without flinching, like a psychopath about to massacre their defenseless victims.

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