The finance bill for 2024 was submitted to the Sejm

“The draft finance law for 2024 presented was constructed on the basis of the macroeconomic scenario included in the draft finance law for 2024, adopted by the Council of Ministers on September 28, 2023”, it is written in the justification of the project of finance law for 2024., published on the Sejm website.

As we added, the assumptions regarding macroeconomic indicators for the then project financial year are close to the current market consensus and forecasts of international institutions.

“According to this scenario, the outlook for the Polish economy for 2024 is moderately good. After the slowdown in 2023 caused by high inflation and the deterioration of the global macroeconomic situation, there will be a recovery in 2024 – GDP growth s ‘will accelerate to 3.0. The impact on this will be due to falling inflation, clearly positive dynamics in real wages, improving consumer confidence and the delayed effects of slight easing of monetary policy this year. – we read.

The government on Tuesday adopted the draft finance law for 2024. According to it, state budget revenues in 2024 are expected to amount to approximately PLN 682 billion and expenditures to approximately PLN 866 billion; the deficit is expected to amount to PLN 184 billion.

As the Prime Minister’s Chancellery reported, in 2024 the government will allocate money, among other things, for: for an increase in the average salary of teachers by 30 percent, and in the case of beginning teachers – by 33 percent. Kindergarten subsidies to local authorities are also to be increased by more than PLN 2.3 billion to finance salary increases for kindergarten teachers, previously financed from local authorities’ own funds. (PORRIDGE)

authors: Aneta Oksiuta, Marek Siudaj


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