The houses of the most beautiful artists were turned into hotels

Famous people in the same direction and still in the United States Chelsea Hotel It reopened its doors in New York. A pool of artists Charles Bukowski, Jack Kerouac, Janis Joplin Or Andy Warhol They lived long lives – to name just a few. Andy Warhol even shot an experimental film there in 1966. Chelsea GirlsThe film takes the audience into the flamboyant atmosphere of the 60s with its soundtrack. Velvet Underground. If we were more sensitive to literature, we could fly to Jamaica. On one of the most beautiful beaches of the archipelago, the legendary former retreat of the English writer Ian Fleming, to whom we owe the epic James BondIs it a tropical hotel today? Golden Eye.

GoldenEye in Jamaica(c) Brie Williams / Ada Patrol Images

The venue, which brings together 59 villas, cottages and cottages scattered between the lagoon and the forest, was decorated by the architect. Ann Hodges with a beautiful Caribbean spirit. The author is another Brit who will give him access to his creative space. Patrick Leigh Fermor (The Traveler’s Tree, Gift Time…) and his small house in the Peloponnese stone is now for rent… A stone’s throw from the Gulf of Messinia, you can enjoy 5 rooms with Hellenic décor. Finally, if painting is what tickles your imagination the most, it is possible to settle in Giverny. Blue House (to rent from Airbnb), in the footsteps of Monet, near the museum dedicated to him. Other options are to arrive on the Greek island of Aegina, to a residence that once belonged to the island. Nikos NikolaouAn important figure of Greek art. Enough to make the journey even more inspiring.

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