The judges speak of “negligent homicide”: the French manufacturer of appetite suppressants sentenced again to a million euro fine

After numerous deaths in… Connection with the Mediator appetite suppressant Manufacturer Servier fined on appeal in France more than nine million euros and to Reimbursement of more than 415 million euros been sentenced to health insurance funds.

Judges again rule against pharmaceutical company “gross deception” and “negligent homicide” guilty, also of “Fraud”.

The company was acquitted at first instance on this last point. In 2021, the judges only closed the business Fine of 2.7 million euros. The diabetes medication was as a slimming agent for three decades in France despite dangerous side effects and hundreds of deaths sold.

Prosecutors cited an internal message from that year in their two-day arguments 1969which shows that “People who care about their figure”, the “most interesting target group” be. “It is clear that it is not diabetes that must be treated, but obesity,” underlined prosecutor Rivaud.

Evidence of serious side effects since 1995

Servier tried to keep the drug on the market, even though signs of serious side effects had emerged as early as 1995, he said.

The company’s lawyers stressed in court that the French drug regulator had only… after 2007 on the danger of the medicine.

However, according to the principle of prudence, Servier was obliged to do so follow the first clues and not on that “sleeping” anti-drugs authority wait, stressed the prosecutor. Mediator patients were “instrumentalized by Servier for purely commercial purposes”.

Many have used it to lose weight

The diabetes drug has been prescribed to around five million people. Many used it to lose weight. It was removed from the market only in 2009even if it already is Signs of serious side effects in the mid-1990s such as cardiac arrhythmias. The number of deaths is estimated at several hundred.

Servier said Not knowing anything about the risks in 2009. Authorities had already banned Mediator years earlier in the United States, Spain and Italy. This has never been permitted in Germany.

For the appeal process, there were approximately 7,500 civil parties reported, who were able to follow the hearing online. The trial took place in a Paris courtroom set up for anti-terrorism trials.

The judiciary is always faced with something like this 5000 additional cases, in which the company is accused of negligent homicide or bodily harm. Further legal proceedings are therefore likely. (AFP)

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