The laptop is always for the student. Only more wisely

– We will continue the “Laptop for Students” program – announced Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Digital Affairs Krzysztof Gawkowski (left) during the meeting with journalists inaugurating his work at the ministry. Launching a tender for computers for fourth graders will be one of the ministry’s first urgent tasks. The previous government announced the procedure in January this year and, following complaints to the National Appeals Chamber, the procedure actually began three months later.

On the one hand, the previous team had more freedom, because the law supporting the development of digital skills provided for the delivery of equipment to the managing organizations by the end of December. According to information from the ministry, all schools have already received computers. The total is 394 thousand. laptops worth PLN 1.15 billion.

Next year, the deadline is much shorter: the computers must be delivered by the end of September. And not at the hands of local governments, but at the hands of the fourth graders themselves. However, as we hear in MC, this time the officials have more experience than last year, so they believe that the work will go more smoothly and the tender could be announced even in February. According to ministry employees, the documentation is already prepared and the IT budget has provided PLN 1.25 billion.

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