The MEB takes action! A RADICAL CHANGE in schools is now beginning in 81 provinces.

Teacher. Dr. Levent Erarslan in his statement said about the radical change: “This time the change will be radical. A new program development model has been designed. He explained the details, saying: “If we succeed, Turkey will progress in the field of education.”


The Ministry of National Education is continuing its preparations at full speed to ensure that education continues at full capacity. Stating that a new model has been designed for education, Levent Eraslan said the following in his statement:

“The work is finished. Programs are living organisms and are affected by all kinds of changes and are designed according to need. The adjustments were made within the framework of the field data. There is a saying that every minister comes with change in his pocket, but as an academician we can say that Yusuf Tekin Hodja’s studies will give a more radical and lasting result. The educational process is a system directly affected by all social transformations. Children now socialize with digital tools. Children who played in the street are now growing plants on their tablets. This is why we find these new changes and changes very useful and valuable.


Stating that the goal is to improve the quality of education, Erarslan said: “Instead of the contribution of foreign experts into the system since the Tanzimat era, an educational model that makes our philosophy dominant through knowledge of these lessons should be a priority. Hundreds of academics and teachers work thousands of hours and the goal is to improve the country’s education system.

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Stating that Turkey will progress in education if these fictions are implemented, the expert stressed the need to train people who can analyze, synthesize, solve problems, know the problems around them and develop solutions.

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