The position of NMR is clear. Decisions regarding public media are completely illegal

On Tuesday evening, the Sejm adopted a resolution on the restoration of legal order as well as the impartiality and reliability of state media and the Polish Press Agency.

On Wednesday, the Minister of Culture dismissed the current boards of directors of Telewizja Polska, Polish Radio and the Polish Press Agency as well as their supervisory boards. The minister appointed new corporate supervisory boards, which appointed new corporate boards of directors.

A meeting of the National Media Council was held on Wednesday afternoon. After the completion of the work, Council President Krzysztof Czabański informed journalists of the adopted position. “Our position is clear, these decisions are completely illegal, have no legal basis and therefore do not exist in legal transactions,” Czabański said.

“We also warn anyone who, on the basis of these illegal decisions, would take action against public media companies against criminal consequences, as this results from the Criminal Code,” Czabański added.

The RMN chief added that regarding the general assessment, “we regret that attempts are made to regulate something that is regulated by laws and can only be changed by the laws of a country governed by law. “This is a very bad prognosis for the development of the situation in Poland in general, and in particular for the development of the situation in public media,” he said.

When asked if this was the common position of all Council members, Czabański admitted that the position was adopted by a 2/3 majority of votes. As he said, PiS members favored this position, while two opposition members opposed it.

The President of the Council also stressed that the actions of Minister of Culture Bartłomiej Sienkiewicz expose media companies to significant losses and legal consequences. “And the companies and people who will implement its decisions,” he added.

Answering further questions from journalists, the head of RMN denied media reports regarding the alleged dismissal of the heads of Polish Radio and Television. He described the media authorities appointed by the Minister of Culture and National Heritage as “usurping and illegal, and the judicial authorities are the ones that existed until now.”

Czabański compared the entry of the new national media authorities to a burglary during which the criminal puts a knife to his throat and demands to leave the apartment. “However, this does not mean that the owner of the apartment has changed,” Czabański said.

Asked about the RMN’s subsequent decisions, Czabański said he hoped the head of the Ministry of Culture would comply with the Council’s position. “However, I think he will continue to pursue a path that is a dead end,” he noted.

Czabański called the use of resolutions aimed at changing media authorities a “very bad prognosis for the future of Poland.” “If someone decides to break the law on the basis of a legal agreement which has no legal force and which, as Speaker (of the Sejm Szymon) Hołownia himself said, is only “some form of recourse, I think he will want to break the law. the law further,” he said.

According to him, how the situation develops depends on the judicial system and the president. “I hope that both parties will act to restore the rule of law that existed until yesterday in public media companies,” Czabański emphasized.

Czabański was also asked about the cessation of broadcasting of TVP Info. “As far as I know, the signal was cut, which constitutes a crime from the point of view of the law and for reasons of state security. This is the subject of prosecution by the prosecution and as such is subject to prosecution by the prosecution,” indicated the boss of the RMN. (BOUILLIE)

authors: Rafał Białkowski, Michał Szukała

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