The small Spanish version of Machu Picchu

Spain hides corners that, although in many cases almost unknown, are very similar to other internationally recognized places. This is the case of the one known under the name of Spanish Machu Picchu, located in the city of Tenerife Mascaa small complex of houses next to a geographical feature that resembles the wonder of the world: Macu Picchu.

Masca is located 800 meters above sea level and is part of the Teno Rural Park, in the municipality of Northern Buenavista. In addition, according to the Tenerife tourist site, this natural park and the municipalities that compose it are maintained through agricultural and livestock activities, mainly self-consumption and part-time.

The terrain surrounding Masca, surrounded by deep ravines and cliffs, has a special feature in addition to its resemblance to the Peruvian enclave. It is considered an island within another since, according to experts, Teno was an island that over time joined with other similar islands to create Tenerife.

Hence its difficult access, since until the 1960s it was only possible to access it by donkey or donkey, although there is now access by road.

In addition to this particularity, the traditions and essence of this small hamlet also make it Property of cultural interest with the category of historical complex. In it is the 18th-century Church of the Immaculate Conceptionwhich is located in Masca Square.

You can also visit the Masca’s point of view from where, even if the weather permits, one can see La Palma, or the house of the Avinculados, in the CaserĂ­o de Piedra.

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