These are the four drugs withdrawn in recent weeks

In recent weeks, the Spanish Agency for Medicines and Health Products (AEMPS) has been forced to issue several statements aimed at withdrawing four drugs from the market for different reasons.

As reported Review log, the first drug recalled was Temozolomide SUN, manufactured by Sun Pharmaceutical. It is a brain tumor medication administered orally. AEMPS ordered the return of batch HAD3165D due to a quality defect.

Another of the drugs that this organization decided to withdraw from sale on November 14 is Co-Bucal, manufactured by Laboratorium Sanitatis SL, an antiseptic intended for the treatment of oral problems, such as simple and ulcerative gingivitis, tonsillitis, paroditis or periodontitis, among others.

The agency reporting to the Ministry of Health noted defects in certain batches, notably 220001, 220002 and 220003, whose expiry date is March 31, 2027.

The third drug that had to be withdrawn from the market on December 1 is Trabectedin Teva, manufactured by Sindan-Pharma SRL, and distributed only in hospitals where a foreign body was found inside a vial.

It is a medicine intended to fight cancer, which prevents the multiplication of tumor cells. It is used in patients with advanced soft tissue sarcoma.

And the fourth drug in dispute is the antibiotic Levofloxacin Mabo-Farma in 500 milligram tablets with EFG7. The lots concerned are CB33J003 and CB33K005, CB33J004 and CB33K004. It is used to kill infection-causing bacteria in the body.

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