They dispel doubts about Princess Leonor’s exams

Since Princess Leonor began her military training, there have been several key moments. One of them was his flag oath and, now, conducts first semester final examsaccording to Confidential monarchy.

The same media also specifies that the period during which these tests are carried out, It starts on December 7 and will last until December 20..

During these, the heir to the throne must, like the rest of the students of her academy, demonstrate that has assimilated the different knowledge and skills that have been taught so far in this course.

Since the beginning of her military training, speculation has circulated as to whether Leonor You must pass or fail your exams to pass the course in a satisfying manner.

In this sense, the aforementioned media indicated that one of the non-commissioned officers of the center where the young woman is undergoing her training explained to them that “Borbón Ortiz is just another student and she takes exams like the rest of her classmates”.

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