Top ten engineering schools in France according to Figaro ranking

This is the 5th edition of the 2024 engineering schools rankings. Figaro Student. Le Figaro has created a 2024 ranking of engineering schools (88 schools), which can be accessed after two years of scientific preparatory classes. These schools of excellence are classified on the basis of approximately fifteen indicators divided into three categories: academic excellence, international openness and employability (see our methodology below).

Which is the best engineering school?

Ecole Polytechnique is the best engineering school. Every year, all of France watches with admiration as polytechnic students in crooked hats parade down the Champs-Élysées on July 14. It was Napoleon himself who gave him his slogan: “For the homeland, for science and glory”. But Polytechnique’s large dominance of the rankings is not just due to its historical prestige. The school is also by far the best represented among leaders of CAC 40 companies. Among them, 63 former engineering students come from X, the nickname of Ecole Polytechnique.

L’X is a breeding ground for start-ups

The polytechnic has also gained international visibility thanks to the Institut Polytechnique de Paris, which has associated it with Télécom Paris (5th in our ranking), Ensta Paris (6th), Ensae Paris (10th) and Télécom SudParis (22nd) since 2019. . Within this group, the organization located in Saclay is also a leader in the creation of start-ups. Former president Éric Labaye, questioned by Le Figaro in March 2023 (he was replaced by Laura Chaubard in October): “One-third of Next40 start-ups have a founder from the Polytechnique ecosystem.

What are the 10 best engineering schools in France?

The top 10 in the Figaro engineering school rankings are as follows:

one. Polytechnic School, Palaiseau

2. Mines Paris-PSL, Paris

3. CentraleSupélec, Gif-sur-Yvette

4. École des Ponts Paris-Tech

5. Telecom Paris

6. Ensta Paris

7. Lyon Central School

8. Isae-Supaero, Toulouse

9. Ensae Paris

10. ESPCI Paris-PSL

Mines Paris-PSL is ranked 2nd in the Figaro rankings. While there is 1 teacher-researcher for every 4 students in the school, which restricts the number of engineers trained, 11 teacher-researchers complete the podium at CentraleSupélec. “Our teacher-researchers supervise small groups of students, allowing for better individual monitoring», explains Vincent Laflèche, director of the School of Mines. This human-sized dimension also allows him to stay within Paris’s inner-school, which many students prefer to the Saclay plateau where many of their former Parisian rivals have invested. Its international influence is ensured by its membership of PSL University, which is the 41st university in the world in the latest Shanghai rankings.

Thomas Pesquet’s school in Toulouse is a reference in aviation

8 schools in the top 10 are located in the Paris region. Provincial schools are better represented in the rest of the rankings. Toulouse-based Isae-Supaéro rose to 8th place. A world reference in the field of aviation and space, the school can boast of having trained astronaut Thomas Pesquet and Exotec founder Romain Moulin. This company is the first unicorn (start-up valued at more than $1 billion) in the industrial sector in France.

Central schools are well placed

In addition to CentraleSupélec, the central schools group also placed three schools in the top 15: Centrale Lyon (7th), Centrale Nantes (12th) and Centrale Lille (14th). Like their namesake in Gif-sur-Yvette, these schools are general and multidisciplinary.

Some institutions of the Grenoble INP group, which brings together seven engineering schools in Isère, also stand out. Among these we see Ensimag (18th), specializing in computer science, and Phelma (18th), a school of electronics and materials physics. The National School of Arts and Crafts, which spans 14 regions across France, is ranked 23rd. Founded in 1780 and bringing together more than 6,000 students, this institution trains engineers specialized in mechanical, energy and industrial engineering.

Graduates are guaranteed full employment

In this ranking, employment rate at exit is not one of the determining criteria in ranking these schools. In fact, France needs engineers so much that young graduates, no matter what institution they are from, have no difficulty in finding a job in any sector (consulting, information technologies, industry, research)…According to an integration research conducted by the conference, 2023′ At te Grandes Écoles, 88 percent were hired in less than two months, 87 percent are on permanent contracts and 92 percent are in managerial status. The hardest part is not finding a job, but passing competitive exams.

How are engineering schools classified?

In the Figaro ranking, engineering schools are classified according to approximately fifteen indicators, divided into three main categories:

academic excellence The selectivity of the schools in the competitions was evaluated according to the academic success of the students in engineering education, the number of teachers-researchers according to the number of students, and the rate of graduates with thesis.

international schools Their presence in the latest international rankings (Shanghai, THE, QS, GEURS) is measured by the diversity of regions of origin of those who integrate, the share of foreign graduates, the share of those who have interned abroad and those who are resident abroad. .

Graduate employability The schools’ rate is based on the proportion of people who found a job in less than two months, the salaries they received after leaving school in France, whether former students can be found on Linkedin, and the number of people who serve on an institution’s board of directors. He founded a CAC40 company and a start-up listed on the French Tech Next120 list.

The data sources and the method of calculating Figaro ranking scores are presented in the detailed methodology of Figaro engineering school ranking.

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