Unions accuse Kristau Eskola of having “a tactic aimed at delaying the conflict”

The positions in the conflict to reach a new agreement in the social initiative centers – Kristau Eskola and Aice-Izea – are, for the moment, far from being found. The unions have “the feeling” that the employers of the 200 schools they represent want to “extend” the struggle which today faces its third consecutive day of strike, strikes which will be active until this Friday.

ELA, Steilas, CC OO, LAB and UGT accuse employers of betting on “the tactic of delay”, a position which “helps no one”, according to them. This is the response to the statement published Monday by Kristau Eskola, in which she accuses the trade union centers of not having a “positive attitude towards dialogue” and of maintaining an “insurmountable” position in the negotiation.

These comments make the unions think that, despite the fact that employers could have room to negotiate, “they do not want to do it” despite the fact that “in the last two years they have seen an increase in financing modules of more by 15%.” .

The spokespersons of ELA and Steilas, Miren Zubizarreta and Andeka de Miguel, declared, before the start of a demonstration in Bilbao, that “they are repeating step by step the same mistakes of the previous conflict, with the workers in the street and not wanting to negotiate.” The signing of the current agreement (2019) came after numerous mobilizations and 29 days of strike. The two union representatives stressed that during the last meeting held at the end of November, the employers “made no attempt to end these strike days with any proposal that we could hold on to.”

The second day of the strike on Tuesday had a mixed response and Monday’s war of numbers was repeated. The unions estimate that this percentage is between 65 and 70% in Euskadi, while Kristau Eskola lowered the percentage to 17.20% in the three territories and to 9.7% in Gipuzkoa.

The 9,000 workers of the social initiative centers where more than 130,000 students study are called to continue the strike until Friday. A march is planned for today in Bilbao and tomorrow they will gather in front of KE headquarters in Donostia at 11:30 a.m.

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