Vocational high schools: Why are teachers against reform?

Vocational high school teachers are mobilizing. According to the Ministry of National Education’s estimate, approximately 11 percent of them were on strike on Tuesday, December 12, upon the call of their unions. They demand that the vocational pathway reform be withdrawn.

The Ministry noted that according to the data announced at noon, the strike rate of vocational high school teachers was 10.81 percent. This rate is 3.26% for all secondary school teachers (middle school and high school). Professional unions have called for mobilization across France to protest Emmanuel Macron’s desired vocational school reform, and in particular the reorganization of the senior class. In Paris, a demonstration is planned for 14:00 at the Place du Panthéon.

Make the path “more modular”

The wish of the Minister of Vocational Education and Training, Carole Grandjean, is to make the final year professional. “more modular” For high school students, depending on whether they want to find a job or continue their education. The final year, from the start of the 2024 academic year, will consist of a common core of thirty weeks divided into twenty-two-week courses, six-week training periods in a professional environment whose organization remains flexible, followed by a two-week examination at the end of May. This'”Six-week internship or preparation for advanced studies focusing on core subjects, methodology and autonomy if they wish to enter employment», stated Carole Grandjean at the end of November. Another change is the overhaul of the education map until 2026, in line with the government’s goal of encouraging students to be directed to missing professions.

Mélenchon and Roussel welcomed mobilization

Today, there is a strike in vocational high schools that do not want young people to have their qualified career dreams taken away from them. When we manage these high schools, they will be the driving force in the ecological transformation of professional knowledge and practices.“, he wrote on

No to the destruction of education, yes to ambitious reform that will provide the tools and time to raise future workers and citizens aware of tomorrow’s challenges» asked communist leader Fabien Roussel about X.

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