Water leaks, clogged pipes: What does home insurance cover in France?

All home insurance contracts in France must contain certain guarantees; We look at what these are and how you can get more cover for your home.

Home insurance in France will compensate you if certain types of damage occur to your home, usually following an assessment by approved contractors to determine the cost of repairs.

However, the prices of home insurance contracts vary significantly, both in terms of the scope of guarantees they offer and the franchise (how much you have to pay out-of-pocket).

This deductible can be relative or absolute and determines whether the insurer pays after damage to your home.

for a relative prerogative:

  • If the repair cost is less than the deductible, the insurer will not pay.
  • If the cost is more than the deductible, the insurer will pay the compensation.

For example:

If the franchise fee is €150, you get nothing if the damage value is only €100. However, for damage worth €200, the insurer will pay you €200.

For a year absolute prerogativethe cost is systematically deducted from the repair cost paid by the insurer.

For example:

If the excess cost is €150, you will have to pay to repair any damage below this value. However, for a damage of €200, you will pay €150 and the insurer will pay €50.

Costs also vary depending on the region where your property is located. The most expensive regions are Corsica, Ile-de-France and Paca; The cheapest regions are Brittany, Pays de Loire and Normandy.

Read your home insurance contract carefully to find out how much you may have to pay in the event of damage to your home. You can change your insurance contract free of charge on the annual renewal date.

What are the main guarantees in the French home insurance contract?

All home insurance contracts in France include:

  • public liability insurancefinancial responsibility)
  • water damagewater damage)
  • glass breakage (broken glass)
  • fire damagefire)
  • stolenFlight)
  • Natural disasters (natural disasters)
  • Climate events (climate events)
  • Terrorism

Many of these guarantees are familiar to people in the UK and US, but there are some differences in France.

The burglary warranty generally only applies if people close their shutters when they are not home for more than 24 hours and is limited to a certain value specified in your contract.

The natural disaster guarantee applicable to floods is only available if the local governor declares a natural disaster.

Note that home insurance contracts do not apply to:

  • buildings under construction
  • fields, plants
  • external pipes
  • garden shelters
  • swimming pools

For example, if the water connection between your hands and your home leaks, you will not benefit from insurance. pipe package You have (hookah package) coverage in your insurance.

Similarly, you will need to remove one Garden Package (Garden Package) for example to insure garden sheds.

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why support contract?

Some companies offer more coverage to complement home insurance contracts. support contracts (assistance contracts) can be particularly useful for second home owners or people who are away from home for long periods of time.

These types of contracts can help with:

  • locks
  • Electric
  • Connected devices
  • Gas
  • Nuisances (insect infestation)

While standard home insurance contracts pay for repairs of leaking pipes and water damage, support contracts can pay to repair clogged pipes.

Is home insurance mandatory?

Home insurance is mandatory for people renting, including those renting furnished apartments.

Also mandatory for homeowners common propertysuch as an apartment block or shared housing. These warranties cover: legal liability between the host common property, neighbors and other residents.

However, homeowners do not have to have insurance if they are not in shared ownership.

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