Wave of colds: infectious disease specialist Herold on the Corona and RS viruses

As a precaution: infectious disease specialist Susanne Herold advises infected people to wear a mask – to protect others
Image: Lando Hass

Runny noses in many families and businesses: infectious disease specialist Susanne Herold on the scale of the wave of illnesses, the escape of coronaviruses from the immune system and the widespread refusal to wear masks.

Susanne Herold, born in 1975, is an infectious disease specialist. Since 2013, she has been a visiting professor at Northwestern University in Chicago. In 2018, she took over a chair of pulmonary infectious diseases at the University of Giessen and the Department of Infectious Diseases. Herold leads a clinical project focused on lung damage caused by viruses. Almost a year ago, the state of Hesse awarded him a high-level professorship worth three million euros as part of the LOEWE excellence program. Herold is a member of the scientific advisory board Robert Koch Institute has.

Thorsten Winter

Rhein-Main-Zeitung correspondent for Central Hesse and Wetterau.

Ms Herold, it seems that one in five people suffer from Corona or a flu-like infection. This wave surprises you?

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