We are the country with the most egg donors in Europe

Wednesday December 13, 2023, 4:22 p.m.

Undisputed leader in reproductive solidarity, Spain is strengthening its leading role in egg donationand this is what the Basque Fertility Institute, IVF-Life Donostia, tells us, a leading center for assisted reproduction in the Basque Country and a regular contributor to our pages.

Over the years, our country has demonstrated exceptional commitment to couples and people facing reproductive difficulties, leading the way in terms of egg donations on the continent. This phenomenon reflects not only the generosity of Spanish donors, but also the effectiveness and ethics of the assisted reproduction system in the country. Spain not only stands out in terms of numbers, but it has also set a standard in care and support for those looking to realize their dream of starting a family through egg donation.

The altruism of young Spaniards

Dr. Zulyma Blanco, gynecologist at the IVF-Life Donostia assisted reproduction center, confirms the reality we are talking about: “I see young women every day in our clinic and they demonstrate a very high level of selflessness.. All generations have provided support in their own way: our mothers devoted their lives to their families or tried to help others by pursuing professions such as teaching or healthcare; and now there is a very high sensitivity to social, labor and environmental issues, but they also try to help in other ways,” he says.

Dr. Blanco says families come to his office daily who want to have children naturally and can’t. They must therefore turn to egg donation, and that is when solidarity manifests itself.. “We need people ready to help those who want to become fathers and mothers, and young people show us their involvement and commitment by coming to make a donation. I can assure you that I meet supportive women in my office every day.» explains the specialist in reproductive medicine.

Dr Zulyma Blanco, IVF-Life Donostia

Egg donation in Spain and its social implications

The data supports the doctor: Spain is the country in Europe with the highest egg donation rate, being responsible for more than half of the total. “It happens like organ donation, we are a reference for many countries and it is the most important example of altruism that exists.» underlines Dr Zulyma Blanco.

Egg donation now allows women suffering from ovarian failure or presenting genetic difficulties to become mothers.in addition to being also useful to couples who have failed with previous treatments, thus ranging from young women to those over 40 years old.

Do you want to help a family realize their dream? At IVF-Life Donostia you can do it

It should be noted that donation in Spain It is anonymous by law, has no side effects and does not affect the future reproductive capacity of the donor. “To be able to make a donation, you just need to be over 18 years old and pass simple general and genetic health tests. All exams are performed free of charge in our clinic,” explains Dr. Blanco.

If you are interested in donating eggs and want to do it in a clinic with rigorous and reliable protocols, do not hesitate to contactIVF-Life Donostia. You can do this by sending a WhatsApp to 688638620 or writing an email to donostia@ovodona.es, and the center will contact you to provide you with all the information without any obligation.

Thanks to these donations and the generous gesture of those who make them possible, this year will come to an end and will perhaps be the hope of hundreds of women and couples who will be able to start 2024 with the hope of starting a family.

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