“We get 10% of candidates”: Christophe Collet (UTT) explains how he selects his students at Parcoursup

Troyes University of Technology (UTT) is one of the five-year public postgraduate engineering schools. It is one of the best schools according to the latest ranking of postgraduate engineering schools in Le Figaro. Located in Aube, this general institution offers almost free education to its students, with tuition fees reaching 601 euros per year. The school operates a strong selection: it offers just over 300 places each year and receives around 6,000 applications through Parcoursup. Christophe Collet, who has been managing the organization since September 2022, explains this in detail Student of Figaro selection criteria.

Our school stands out by offering two-term internship opportunities, one of which is abroad.

Christophe Collet, director of UTT

LE FIGARO STUDENT What are the unique features of UTT?

Christophe COLLET… UTT is one of three universities of technology in France. This status allows us to be both a university and a large school. We have 3,200 students studying, 75% of whom are pursuing engineering courses, and we are among the 5 largest postgraduate engineering schools in terms of numbers. UTT is a general organization recognized in the professional world for producing highly independent engineers. This is especially explained by the great modularity of our programs. In fact, students follow common core courses for the first two years, but they need to create specialized courses starting from the third year. They choose their courses among the 8 branches or specializations offered by the school, and each creates their own course schedule. Our school also stands out by offering two one-semester internships, one of which must be done abroad (an international semester is mandatory during the course, internship or study period). Other schools often only offer one long internship and a second short internship. We have an excellent professional integration rate and almost 96% of our students find employment in less than three months.

The majority of our students choose the physics and mathematics duo

Christophe Collet, director of UTT

What are your selection criteria?

The selection begins by reviewing the file in Parcoursup. In this regard, we attach great importance to academic results and recommend the choice of mathematics specialization and scientific specialization in the final year, the majority of our students prefer the physics-mathematics duo. We also look at the rankings of students in modern languages ​​1 and 2, the organisation’s opinion and French baccalaureate results. We receive approximately 6,000 applications for Parcoursup each year. We then classify the 2800 we received orally. At the end of the day, we hired 314 students, or 10% of the candidates. This may seem very selective, but it is worth noting that successful students take the oral exam of 3 universities of technology: UTC, UTT and UTBM. Also, a certain number of students apply but choose another education, the last education admitted to UTT in 2023 was ranked 2646th.to.

How does motivational interviewing work?

This interview is organized by three universities of technology. It takes place via video and candidates go in groups. This motivational speech is decisive in the selection process. The candidate must explain why he wants to be an engineer and what his vision is for the profession. We will gauge their interest in new technologies, entrepreneurship or international tastes and try to assess their ability to work in a team and their open-mindedness. However, it is not necessary to come with a fully completed professional project. The goal of the school’s personalized program is to allow each student to chart their own path through the lessons they explore. We do not avoid asking current questions during the interview. At UTT, we want to raise humanist engineers who can evaluate the impact of technology on the world. In this respect, it seems important for us that our future students are also citizens who are knowledgeable about important social issues.

What advice would you give to a young person who wants to join UTT?

I advise him to think about his project and ask himself why he wants to be an engineer. The student may also wonder whether their profile fits UTT, where scientific curiosity and team spirit are appreciated skills. To navigate this well, it is necessary to have a certain open mind, to want to follow a general route and to like to question the impact of technology on the world. However, the best thing to do to learn more about the school is to meet our students because they are the ones who will talk best about it. We offer a variety of appointments for this purpose. Students can come to the open day or UTT days , These are the days when we offer our senior students the opportunity to dive into the school and explore their daily lives for a day with a first-year engineering student.

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