Why You Should Remove Fridge Magnets

Traveling and bringing a refrigerator magnet to people we care about is very common. It is normal for these magnets to contain the shopping list, the weekly menu, travel photos or even the little ones’ drawings. However, from time to time, rumors circulate about its risks.

For example, there are those who say that these magnets They can generate an electromagnetic field and increase the consumption of the device. However, as the Endesa website reports, this is not the case. “The reality is that the magnetic fields of these magnets are so insignificant that they do not even pass through the refrigerator door,” they say.

Despite this, Yes, another set of factors that can affect performance need to be considered.. For example, if it is of the latest generation and has, for example, a touch screen.

The small magnetic energy of these magnets, although very weak, could disrupt the system that controls the device. The materials used for this type of magnets are magnetic and range from stainless steel, iron or aluminum coated with a magnetic material, although they can also be nickel, a magnetizable ferromagnetic material.

Although they may only be a problem in these new generation refrigerators, for those who need to remove them, Another use can be to use them on a magnetic board, board or special painting to place them on the wall.

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