Zelensky’s party advisor detonates several grenades in plenary session, injuring more than twenty

A Ukrainian adviser to Zelensky’s party detonated several grenades on Friday inside the town hall of the town of Keretsk, in the Transcarpathia region of western Ukraine, as reported by the Ukrainian National Police on his social networks. The plenary session was broadcast on the Internet and it was a woman who alerted the media “Ukrainska Pravda” of the event.

“In the Keretsk community, during a session, a local deputy threw grenades into the session hall. As a result, 26 deputies and town hall employees were injured. All victims were immediately transferred to health centers,” said Zakarpattia Governor Viktor Mikita.

According to Ukrainian media, the man who detonated the grenades is Serhii Batryn, an advisor to the “Servant of the People” party, President Zelensky’s political party. Initial information indicates 26 injured. Apparently 6 of them are serious. One of them is the person responsible for throwing the grenades…

Authorities described the events as a terrorist attack. Mikita said an investigation was underway into the circumstances of the “crime” and an emergency meeting of the region’s Defense Council had been convened.

The regional police opened an investigation and medical services, police experts in explosives and forensic doctors went to the site. The notification to Ukrainian emergency services took place shortly after eleven a.m. local time, according to state security forces in their official statement.

In the video posted on social media, several people can be seen gathered in front of the local administration premises when one of the councilors entered. The man stands by the door as he listens to the debate. Seconds later, he takes out at least three grenades from his jacket and removes the safety pins, before throwing them to the ground without warning or saying a word. In the recording you can see the explosions.

The man’s motivations for carrying out this action are unknown. The adviser who detonated the grenades is also under investigation for illegal use of weapons, ammunition or explosives, an offense covered by Ukraine’s criminal code.

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