The envelope electoral commission begins in earnest today

A real start to examining the legality of envelope elections

Chairman of the committee, Dariusz Joński (KO), says: “On Friday we will mainly deal with requests for evidence which will be voted on and sent to all institutions from which we want to download documents,” Joński told PAP. “Second, we want to adopt a work plan that will indicate which first witnesses we will vote on and invite in January.”

Joński stressed that the committee wants to proceed in chronological order when it comes to inviting witnesses. “Chronologically, since the pandemic, why did the government suddenly think of holding elections while people stayed at home? they threw 70 million PLN out the windowand the elections did not take place,” he noted.

The first auditions are scheduled for January

Joński sees the start of the commission’s work as follows:

We start with the moment of the pandemic and the fact that someone had the idea to organize elections that did not take place and to organize them through Poczta Polska and not the National Election Commission .

Earlier, the head of the commission announced that PiS politicians, including: former Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki, former MAP leader Jacek Sasin and party chairman Jarosław Kaczyński, and the list of witnesses would be long. The first hearing of witnesses, as Joński already mentioned, could take place on Tuesday, January 9.

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